About Linguistic Seed

Linguistic Seed was created in 2008 with a very humble beginning as a Foreign Language Institute, having a vision to give a perfect platform for serious language learners and aspirants. For realizing this vision of ours we not only took a step ahead from just giving coaching to school students but we also started making a difference in the way students i.e. children as well as adults think about the foreign languages. We have developed various techniques through which we can improve students’ I.Q. The students who have undergone Linguistic Seed languages sessions retain unforgettable memories. We have started making changes in the lives of our students by changing their view point towards the life.

All these were not merely coincidences but were a result of the desire, the compelling urge and aspiration for perfection and growth. We continuously kept on setting new bench marks for excellence to unable all our students to attain everything they aspire in life. For all the students,faculties and staff, achieving the unachievable has become the most important part of life.

For us it was only the faith of our students in us which worked as a catalyst and made us to expand and enter in to the fields beyond the language arena. Our new ventures like Linguistic Graduation, Linguistic Masters, School Mentor, Business God etc. are helping us to provide whole some school and college education to students of all age groups and background. And it is the same faith of our students that has not only inspired us to offer a launch pad to the career oriented students but also motivated us to provide professional counseling through the penal of our psychologists, astrowise, counselors and expert education a lists.

It is in the D.N.A of Linguistic Seed to guide students, improve their carrier and give them new and better competitive fields to work in etc. and all this will keep on growing the seeds that we will sow today which will grow into huge trees in future. It is never ending process and at Linguistic Seed we consider our journey as our destination. .

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