Why Linguistic Seed?

Reason why students considers Linguistic Seed as the best institute in foreign languages and educational areas...

Our Value System

In near future the Linguistic Seed group foresees the creation of international standard for education for various academic groups such as school students, college students, businessmen, housewives, working personnel and many more across India.

Our Qualities

As we say “Action speaks louder than the words”, we at Linguistic Seed don’t ever compromise on the qualities. All our actions at all times, everywhere and in all the activities are the evident proves of our quality standards

Trained faculty

Every branch of Linguistic Seed has very professional, qualified and trained faculties. We have a pool of highly effective and efficient teachers for all the foreign languages, various subjects and different streams.

Regular Exam Conduction

Our regular tests conducted from time to time help students in practicing and grasping various concepts. Our entrance exam named“ Language Aptitude Test helps us as well as student and parents in understanding the language learning ability and level of the students.

L.S has been teaching in a compson way so that students do well in their boards exams, Olympiads, NTSE exams, foreign language exams, embassy certification, immigration entrance, IELTS & TOELF exam.

Easy & Comprehensive Study Material

Irrespective of class, language, subject & level our study material is prepared in a way to provide complete language learning & comprehension without much of effort and difficultly.

Complete Infrastructure

Our classrooms are fully equipped for complete language assistance. To keep the students stress free and energetic whole furniture and interiors have been designed with ergonomics techniques. All this is due to our strong belief on the fact that environment of a student effects and affects his learning.

Personal Attention

For an effective student – teacher interaction we always keep the size of our batch very small. It never exceeds the set limit in order to maintain discipline & effective teaching-learning environment. Our efficient faculties are always ready to help the students in the best possible manner & are groomed in a way to be capable enough to impart individual attention to all the students.

Back up & Doubt Clearing Sessions

We have the provision of providing back up classes to the students to a set limit in case students absent themselves due to some valid & acceptable reasons. Also we have weekly & monthly doubt clearing sessions if required by the students to clear all the doubt even individually.

The Competitive Spirit

The competitive spirit amongst our students helps them to grow and achieve the great heights. We have devised various strategies in order to groom, sharpen & enhance the skills of our students.

Innovative Programs & Exams

ELAT, FLAT, School Mentor, Child Career Planning etc. are exams and programs which are helping us in revolutionizing the education among the school students, college students, professionals, business men & housewives.

The approach of CHILD

Although we primarily focus at Foreign Language Learning, however we prepare our students for aiming towards becoming a complete CHILD. We prepare them for not only various academic subjects but also for Olympiads, NTSE, Graduation, Masters, etc. Our recently launched program 360 complete child helps students to know the various quotients in them as well as their level.

R & D

The research and development team of teachers, professors, educationalists, researchers, scholars and technical team works 24*7 for on effective and efficient teaching & learning material in a way to strengthen the teaching methods, learning methods, teaching-learning aids &makes the course structure up to date.

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